A little bit about us We are Saadia and Zain, the creative minds steering Saadia Zain Interiors. Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Saadia, our design virtuoso, has a lifelong passion for crafting visually captivating spaces. With formal education in interior design, she possesses a natural gift for infusing enchantment into every project.

Zain, our pragmatic anchor, brings a wealth of expertise in project management and finance to the table. His journey into design was a revelation, highlighting the profound impact of thoughtfully crafted spaces.

Together, we form a dynamic partnership, seamlessly merging creativity and precision. Our mission is to curate interiors that reflect your identity, fostering an ambiance of relaxation and


For years, we've been reshaping residences throughout Melbourne, regardless of their size or architectural style. WHAT SETS US APART FROM OTHER DESIGN STUDIOS? Armed with over a decade of experience in interior design, we have crafted a comprehensive service that simplifies, enlivens, and makes redesigning your living space budget-friendly.

From the initial consultation to providing estimates, from sourcing the right products to skillfully styling them within your home, our design services eliminate the burdensome aspects of the process. It's a remarkable infusion of style into your home, minus the accompanying anxiety.

You have the option to be deeply engaged in every step of the journey, or if you prefer, you can entrust our team of interior designers with the responsibility of steering the course of style decisions for you.